Solid Surface Worktops and Fabrication

Practical man-made surfaces that stand the test of time

All the benefits and none of the limitations of natural stone

We all love the finish of granite or marble. Natural stone is heat resistant, flame retardant, hygienic and tactile. It’s an ideal choice for sinks, cladding and countertops. The problem is, stone can also be expensive and brittle. It’s difficult to source the perfect finish, and it’s often costly to fabricate and install. That’s where solid surface fabrication comes in. Solid surface fabrication offers you the strength, feel and cleanliness of stone, with none of the downsides.

Whether you’re looking for efficient prep space for a small commercial kitchen or an angular reception desk that’ll impress your customers, solid surface fabrication gives you the freedom to produce a stone-like finish in the precise dimensions you’re after.

With a fabricated surface, you have total control over the colour and the precise dimensions of your finished piece. You can have seamless edges that extend beyond the standard dimensions of a granite slab, and you get a uniform texture throughout, completely avoiding the unsightly patches that sometimes occur in natural marble. Choosing a solid surface worktop leaves you free to decide on the thickness, taper and curvature of your finished piece. It’s the ideal choice for ambitious commercial projects.

RRW use a number of Solid Surfaces suppliers – Corian, Hanex, Kerrock, Avonite

We are certified Corian fabricators

Most manufacturers provide products that are non porous, antibacterial, eco-friendly and versatile. With a choice of more than 90 countertop finishes, most manufacturers also offer prefabricated sinks that blend seamlessly with each surface, ideal for kitchens, labs, bars and washrooms and anywhere 

What matters to us, first and foremost, is that you get a high quality product at a fair price. If we don’t think that the providers you’ve chosen are offering you that, we’ll always let you know.